iPhone 8 Rumors: New Function Area? OLED Screen? Price Starting at $1,000?

We are still months off from the official release of Apple's 10th Anniversary phone, the iPhone 8. Being months away doesn't mean speculation can't come into play.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a few insights into what the Cupertino company could bring to the table in the iPhone 8. One of the most radical ideas is inspired from the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar. Kuo has dubbed this idea the function area. Kuo also describes the pixel density Apple could switch to using in this upcoming iPhone release.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) will have a higher pixel density than the current line of iPhone devices. This also lines up with rumors of Apple using OLED display technology for the first time. The pixel density of 2800x1242 equates to a screen size of about 5.8 inches. This is possibly a 2K display, which many consumers contemplating switching from Android or other operating systems have complained about. This in itself would be a welcome change to those considering and the Apple loyalists.

Kuo's biggest insight idea is a trend that Apple has started though its MacBook Pro line up with the addition of their Touch Bar. Kuo said this area is internally known as the function area. Kuo claims that the display area for content will be around 2436x1125 which leaves 117px difference. This 117px will be home to the function area that will include the new function area use on the home screen and in different apps.

Apple has fallen off as an innovator the last 4 year, but could 2017 and their 10th anniversary iPhone change the game again? Can it do what the original iPhone did and create the hype that gave it its outstanding success. All eyes will be on Apple come September


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