2017 State of Mobile: Motorola

In 2014 Motorola Mobility, which was then a Google company, was acquired by Chinese technology firm Lenovo. Since the acquisition, Motorola Mobility remained a separate entity owned by Lenovo.

Motorola has seen some steady success in 2017 as it has released some innovative mobile phones in the last year and is looking to another successful year. Motorola's success has mainly come on the software side of mobile phones. Everyone is entitled to take Google's Android operating system and modify it. Motorola's approach is very minimalistic, and changes very little then what Google offers.
They have also added some very intuitive software to add to the experience.

Their recent phones have been modest hits in the consumer space, melding hardware and software harmoniously.

Moto Z
Moto Z Force Droid

Moto G5 Plus
 The phones above have represented a big shift from Motorola and gives us a glimpse at the rest of 2017. Motorola has been inclined to produce phones with the ability to add different items modularly, to improve certain areas where it could possibly lack.

In 2017 expect Motorola to continue with the push for more modular attachments and another budget smartphone that is simple, affordable, and consumer friendly. Motorola is hitting the right mix of hardware and affordability for the mid-range smartphone consumers. They are just devices that work and look for Motorola to continue that trend in 2017.


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