Andy Rubin's Return to Mobile

With this Tweet from the "Father" of Android, Andy Rubin announced his return to the mobile game.

Andy Rubin is the creator of Android, the world's most popular mobile operating system. He left Google in 2014 to start new ventures into robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Rubin couldn't stay out of the game for long, and now he has returned, but this time the software developer is making hardware to go along with his software.

Andy has always been known for his love of quantum computing and AI. Rubin is said to be taking his own Android creation and adding AI features to the hardware and software. Bringing two things in that Rubin is passionate about could be a home run if he and his new company do it right.

According to patents filed by Rubin, under his company Essential Products Inc. we may see a revolutionary device in the near future on the same level as the revolution of the original iPhone in 2007. In the patent documents is mentioned a new type of chassis for the body of mobile devices and minimizing the amount of ports on a device as to make it almost completely water and dust proof.

Rubin is no stranger to revolutionary mobile device feats. Before Android, Rubin was part of the team that brought us the T-Mobile Sidekick. He was part of the hardware team, but was most known for the development of the HipTop operating system that ran the devices.

After Danger was bought by the Microsoft Company in 2008 Rubin had already left Danger and been working on Android. According to Rubin the HipTop operating system was the beginnings of Android, and under Google it would become the world's most popular mobile operating system.

With Rubin returning to the mobile space, a new revolution of mobile devices could be upon us. The melding of mobile and AI is definitely the future and Rubin wants to make that future now.


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