2017 State of Mobile: LG

Starting off 2017 strong in the mobile space is LG. The release of their highly anticipated LG G6 has come with nothing short of high praise from tech reviewers. LG is continuing its production of high quality devices and starts off 2017 in a big way.

Since LG has come on to the mobile phone scene strong since about 2014, it's only fair to have high expectations from such an innovative company. The LG G6 has been a hit across the globe. With its thin, almost non-existent bezels, the LG G6 truly allows consumers to consume more content without worrying about a huge, thick phone.


Looking at the LG G6 above it's clear that LG is moving in the direction of the mobile phone industry in 2017. Small bezels and compact size make this a very tempting device for the power users. It also has a very minimalistic approach to its software, similar to what Motorola and other companies are doing. The front of the display is almost entirely taken up by the screen, while the back is busier than usual with two cameras and a fingerprint scanner. The LG G6 is a radical move from LG's V20 which was just released towards the end of 2016.

LG V20
LG's approach with the V20 was focused towards the camera experience. Critics raved about the features of the camera and the usability of the device for the average consumer. LG also brought back an old favorite a la Samsung with a ticker display on the top of the device. LG took a little bit of the best from the last generation LG G5 and V20 to create the LG G6. The result is a mixture of two great devices.

In 2017 look for LG to release more sub par mid range devices. This is not LG's strong suit, but it helps build their profit margins for the year. Also be looking for a new V devices towards the end of 2017. I may just be speculating, but we might even get to see a sneak peak of a phone that is completely flexible. Right now LG and Samsung are battling to see who will debut the technology first. LG is looking strong in 2017 and should continue through the rest of the year.


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