Rumor: LG Watch Style Will Start At $249

In the previous post we touched on the importance of 2017 being the year of the smartwatch. Smartwatches are companions and extensions of our mobile phone so it is integral that they function just as I said like an extension of our phones. LG is taking on this challenge with one of two rumored entries pictured above.

According to known phone and tech leaker Evan Blass, his latest tweet is our best first look at the rumored device.

This gives us a great look at what could be a leaked press render of the device before its rumored debut on February 9th.

According to Android Police's David Ruddock the device will start at $249.

"Speaking to us, a trusted source claims one of LG's upcoming Google-partnered Android Wear devices, the Watch Style, will start at $249. The entry-level Style, leaked in greater visual detail yesterday, will be launched alongside the LG Watch Sport, a much more fully-featured smartwatch. We don't have pricing for that model at this time." 

Ruddock goes on to explain it's still unclear as whether or not there will be options that will increase the price of the LG Style based on band or color. With the leaking of the LG Style's price could we soon see its big brother, the LG Watch Sport's price leak soon? With rumored specs to include a standalone LTE modem for cellular data, NFC for mobile payments, a heart-rate monitor, GPS, and a bigger, higher-res display. 

The LG Style and LG Watch Sport will be a great addition to the already many upcoming smartwatches in 2017 if these rumors hold true.


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